Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal programs

Orthopaedic Rehab and Musculoskeletal Programs Sydney

If you are recovering from orthopaedic surgery or a musculoskeletal injury our multi-disciplinary team will create a personalised plan to meet your rehabilitation needs. We are dedicated to your recovery and helping you achieve a better quality of life.

Some of the common conditions we rehabilitate are:

  • Joint replacement surgery including hip, knee, and shoulder replacements
  • Fractures (e.g. hip, pelvic, spinal, arm and lower leg fractures) including those requiring surgical management and those managed conservatively without surgical intervention
  • Orthopaedic trauma/multi-site fractures (e.g. motor vehicle or pedestrian accident)
  • Muscle tears (rotator cuff surgery)
  • Spinal surgery
  • Following limb amputation

We specialise in rehabilitating patients who have had orthopaedic surgeries or injuries. We recognise that every patient is an individual with unique needs and rehabilitation goals, and we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation: each therapist completes his or her assessment and then the team coordinates and delivers a personalised program to address your specific needs. Our team has extensive experience tailoring programs to assist in you in achieving the best outcomes.

orthopaedic rehabilitation Sydney

What is the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program?

The Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program is a specialised, interdisciplinary approach to treatment which aims to optimise your recovery. Our Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program supports you to:

  • Recover from your orthopaedic condition/surgery
  • Increase muscle strength, joint range of motion and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve pain management
  • Complete everyday functional activities
  • Regain independence
  • Improve quality of life

On commencing the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment that will allow us to tailor an individualised treatment program to address your specific impairments and goals. Active involvement in your rehabilitation planning and treatment will be integral in your recovery and increased independence

Other advantages when choosing MetroRehab for your orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation:

  • Two separate inpatient and day patient gyms that are fully equipped with all the necessary exercise equipment to enable you to have an excellent recovery
  • Hydrotherapy Pool – Gravity free movement in a warm therapeutic environment can be an effective component of an orthopaedic rehabilitation program; buoyancy can aid your range of movement, unload your painful joints or limbs, and allow you to build on your fitness, balance and strength.
  • Orthopaedic Program Manager – The Orthopaedic Program Manager brings additional expertise in orthopaedics and facilitates best practice through education of our clinical staff . Additionally, the Orthopaedic Manager liaises with surgeons ensuring that their post operative protocols are followed by the therapy team, and that the surgeon is informed of each patient’s progress.

Orthopaedic Rehab sydney


MetroRehab Hospital has established contracts with all major health insurers and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In many cases the fee is covered by the health insurer, however you should check with your fund if you have any additional charges specific to your health policy. We also cater for full fee paying patients who do not have private health insurance.

Inpatient Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program

The Inpatient Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Program is offered to people requiring hospital care and rehabilitation following their orthopaedic condition or surgery. We have 37 inpatient beds and offer both single and shared room accommodation with ensuite facilities. We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible so you can focus on your recovery and participate in your therapy program.

For all inpatient enquiries please contact our Rehabilitation Coordinator on: P (02) 8585 4900 M 0417 200 128 E reception@metrorehab.com.au or complete an inpatient referral form

Day Rehabilitation Orthopaedic Program

The day program provides rehabilitation to patients who are well enough and independent enough to come in from home rather than staying in hospital. Day patients participate in an individually tailored, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program under the direction of a rehabilitation specialist and have access to the hospital’s rehabilitation gym and hydrotherapy pool.

For all bookings and enquiries please contact our Day Program Coordinator on: P (02) 8585 4914 E dayprogram@metrorehab.com.au or complete a day program referral form

For more information on our rehabilitation programs, contact us on (02) 8585 4900.