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Neurological & Brain Injury Rehabilitation Sydney

What neurological conditions do we treat?

We have a specialised neurological program to facilitate the recovery of patients with neurological injury or illness. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience with conditions such as: Our rehabilitation philosophy embraces a multidisciplinary approach which studies have shown achieves the best outcomes in neurological rehabilitation. Upon admission a comprehensive assessment by our team will allow us to tailor a program to address your specific impairments. Your expectations and aspirations will be integral to the planning process as you work towards recovery and increased independence. Regular team meetings and review of your achievements allows us to set realistic time-frames for discharge and coordinate your care. A family conference is encouraged so you and your family can learn more about your condition and your progress with rehabilitation. We offer the latest state-of-the art equipment in neurological rehabilitation:
  • Litegait training – partial body weight support treadmill system for gait retraining
  • Bioness L300 – advanced Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system to improve muscle activity in the leg when walking
  • Saebo – custom fabricated mechanical orthosis that allows incorporation of the affected arm into functional upper limb retraining or reach and grasp.
brain injury rehabilitation sydney Other advantages for choosing MetroRehab Hospital for your neurological rehabilitation:
  • Spasticity Management – specialised assessment and treatment by accredited doctors and personalised multidisciplinary management program
  • Hydrotherapy – gravity free movement in a warm therapeutic environment can be an effective component of a neurological rehabilitation program; buoyancy can aid range of movement and allow you to build on your fitness, balance and strength; the water can allow you freedom that you can’t achieve on land
  • Our Music Therapist has specialised training and experience in using music as the medium to aid the rehabilitation process. Musical interventions are focused on physical and psychological goals, mutual to the treating team.
  • Stroke/Neurological Rehabilitation Services Coordinator – an experienced therapist is on site to coordinate your rehabilitation pathway, provide education/support to you and your family and ensure the intervention you are receiving is in line with the current evidence base
  • Provision of an Inpatient Program or Day Program (where you come from home for therapy). Our team can provide you advice about which program would be more suitable to your needs.
  • PD Warrior – A challenging circuit class for those with Parkinson’s Disease to improve cardiovascular function, promote independence and reduce the risk of falls
  • LSVT Loud – a program delivered by the Speech Pathologist to improve speech in Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions
  • LVST BIG is provided by a specially trained physiotherapist to people with Parkinson’s Disease who are mainly affected by slow and small movements. An intensive 4 week training course focuses on amplitude i.e. ‘bigness’ of movement to improve everyday living.
For more information on our neurological rehabilitation program, contact us on (02) 8585 4900 or e-mail our friendly team at Referrals  If you think you would benefit from the Neurological Rehabilitation Programs at MetroRehab Hospital, simply arrange a referral from your general practitioner or treating specialist. The Neurological Rehabilitation Program at MetroRehab Hospital can be provided in either  an inpatient or day program setting. Referrals for inpatient admissions can be made from our website or by calling the Rehabilitation Coordinator P (02) 8585 4900  M 0417 200 128. Day Program referrals can also be made on our website or by calling the Day Program Coordinator 02 8585 4914. Once we receive a referral our Consultant Physicians may elect to assess you in our specialist ‘NeuroRehab Clinic’ to determine which Rehabilitation Program best suits your needs.  Fees & Charges MetroRehab Hospital has established contracts with all major health insurers and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In many cases the fee is covered by the health insurer, however you should check with your fund if you have any additional charges specific to your health policy. We also cater for full fee paying patients who do not have private health insurance. neurological rehabilitation in Sydney

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Our inpatient service offers a tailored rehabilitation program to suit your individual needs with the goal of improving your functional capacity and enhancing quality of life. Under the care of a rehabilitation specialist, you will have a program tailored to your needs incorporating nursing and the most appropriate mix of the full range of allied health disciplines including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work, dietetics and clinical psychology. MetroRehab Hospital offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities and hydrotherapy pool. Our meals are cooked on site and a nutritional plan can be advised by our in-house dietitians. In this program you will receive an individualised treatment plan which sets your personalised goals for rehabilitation. Inpatient Program Details  For all inpatient enquiries please contact our rehabilitation coordinator on: P (02) 8585 or complete an inpatient referral form

Rehabilitation Day Program

The day program provides rehabilitation to patients who are well enough and independent enough to come in from home rather than staying in hospital overnight. Patients may also attend the day program after their inpatient rehabilitation admission. Day Program Details  For all bookings and enquiries please contact our day program Coordinator on: P (02) 8585 4914 or complete a day program referral form  For more information on our rehabilitation programs, contact us on (02) 8585 4900.
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MetroRehab Hospital provides rehabilitation services to people with illness, injury and disability in a caring and compassionate environment and we are a proud provider of NDIS services

This service is for National Disability Insurance Scheme participants who require rehabilitation support. The NDIS can fund therapy support services for Australians under the age of 65 with permanent and significant disability.

Our NDIS team provide supports in the following categories:

  • Improved Daily Living – Therapy Supports
  • Improved Health and well-being
  • Assistive Technology
Our services include physiotherapy, PD Warrior®, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, music therapy, hydrotherapy, exercise physiology and dietetics.