Day Rehabilitation Programs Sydney

At MetroRehab we have a variety of day rehabilitation programs for patients who are independent enough to come in from home for treatments. Our day program therapies include physiotherapy, PD Warrior, LSVT Loud, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, dietetics and psychology.

Day patients participate in an individually-tailored, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program under the direction of a rehabilitation specialist and have access to the hospital’s rehabilitation gym and hydrotherapy pool. To make life that little bit easier for you and your family, we offer our day rehabilitation program on Saturdays as well as weekdays.

Day Rehabilitation Programs We Offer:

MetroRehab Hospital’s Day Rehabilitation includes the following specialist programs.

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation is for people who have had an orthopaedic procedure, fracture, musculoskeletal injury or trauma. For example – hip, knee or shoulder replacement, spinal surgery, orthopaedic trauma and/or amputation (e.g. motor vehicle or pedestrian accident)
  • Neurological Rehabilitation is for people following stroke, acquired brain injury, brain/spinal surgery or other neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease or other peripheral neurological diseases
  • Reconditioning Rehabilitation is for people who have become deconditioned as a result of an acute illness, surgical procedure, extended hospital admission or exacerbation of a chronic condition
  • Cancer Rehabilitation is for people who have had a primary cancer diagnosis or treatment (e.g. chemotherapy and/or radiation)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation is for people who have had cardiac surgery, a cardiac event such as a heart attack, or a diagnosis of cardiac disease.

Place Yourself in Trusted Hands

MetroRehab Hospital is an established boutique facility which is renowned for its specialised rehabilitation programs. Our skilled specialist doctors and allied health clinicians are leaders in their fields with a reputation for high-quality care and exceptional outcomes.

We offer:

Your Recovery & Rehabilitation

To help maximise your recovery, it is important you take an active role in your rehabilitation program by doing the following:

Discover Our NDIS Therapy Supports

MetroRehab Hospital is a proud provider of NDIS services.

If you are a NDIS participant, you may be able to access therapy in the following categories:

  • Improved Daily Living – Therapy Supports
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing
  • Assistive Technology

Our services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, psychology, music therapy, dietetics and more.

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To participate in our day rehabilitation programs, simply obtain a referral from your specialist or general practitioner. Contact us on (02) 8585 4914. Referrals can also be completed online here or via fax on 02 9564 3064.

Fees & Charges

MetroRehab Hospital has established contracts with all major health insurers and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to minimise your costs. In many cases the fee is covered by the health insurer, however we encourage you to check with your fund if any additional charges apply to your health policy. We also cater for NDIS and iCare participants as well as full-fee-paying patients who may not have private health insurance. For more information please call: 02 8585 4900.

“I presented to Metro Rehab at the end of August after a fall. I sustained a small fracture in the cup of the hip which meant I needed rehab in order to walk again. I have cerebral palsy which posed extra challenges to rehabilitation.

The excellent staff and facilities at MetroRehab enabled me to be discharged after a month of intense daily physio and hydrotherapy coupled with frequent monitoring from the occupational therapist.

The two features I really liked were the way in which all the components of the MR operation worked together very collaboratively and the positive atmosphere that pervaded the whole facility. This is a place where the cleaners are appreciated and known by name!”

- Patrick (78)


“The team at MetroRehab are so caring and attentive. They put in so much passion and believe in what they are doing each and every day. If they notice that you have improved even a little bit, they throw a proverbial party and I love that.”

- Joel


“I am lucky I have a supportive family. I will turn to MetroRehab for as long as I can. I enjoy the people and enjoy coming here. MetroRehab and I will be allies for years to come.’’

- Frank