What to bring with you

  • Comfortable, good fitting shoes with shoe laces or Velcro fasteners, a low heel and soles that grip.
  • Please do not bring slippers, scuffs, thongs and other loose fitting shoes – they can cause you to have a fall.
  • Comfortable casual clothes to wear during the day.
  • Night wear including a dressing gown.
  • Swimming costume if you wish to participate in hydrotherapy.
  • Personal toiletries you may need during your stay.
  • Any medications.

Valuables and personal belongings

MetroRehab is unable to take responsibility for valuables or personal belongings.

We recommend that you send home any valuables or personal belongings that you will not require during your admission.

Items such as dentures, splints, orthodontic plates, hearing aids, eye glasses, mobile phones and jewellery are your personal property and the hospital does not take responsibility for the loss of such items. Whenever you are not using these items we recommend that you place them in your drawer or in a marked container.

Follow up Medical Appointments

If you have an external medical appointment booked during your rehabilitation stay, you are required to notify us at the time of admission and arrange for a family member or friend to escort you on the day.