I was involved in a motorbike crash, leaving my leg broken and my foot very badly damaged. It meant a long period of rehabilitation, as I wasn’t allowed to put pressure on my foot for months. During this time I was at MetroRehab for about two months as a permanent and then twice a week for the remaining nine months. What struck me immediately is how prepared everyone was, the level of understanding and how the care is shared across the staff.

Regularly the energetic OTs would ensure I was in the gym at some crazy hour to make sure I was getting the treatment and rehab I would need for such injuries. It felt like I had one on one time with them constantly, when really they were just so good at doing what they do, you felt like the only person in the room. Any problem I had with my injuries, there was always someone who would help and have the correct knowledge to assist me. In fact I’ve struggled to find anything near to this level of Physio and OT care since.

Hydrotherapy was something that benefitted and scared me in equal measure. Feeling the ground beneath your feet after such trauma is quite overwhelming – the staff was in the pool and ready with guidance and exercises for whatever you needed. It’s very strange re-learning to do something you already know how to do; these guys make you feel like you can do anything.

Considering what all the patients must be going through, I was amazed at how calm and dedicated the staff was. Even as an outpatient making my weekly visits, it was like a home for me – everyone would greet you by name and smile, and then make you work so hard you’d forget why you were there.

Since my time there I have been able to make a full recovery and get back to everything I love in playing sport. I accredit that to the team at MetroRehab.

Thanks guys!

– Chris Watson