Fast-track your mobility with EksoNR

For people with a neurological condition, paralysis or lower limb weakness, EksoNR could be perfect for you. With EksoNR, you could recover quicker, gain more independence and achieve your rehab goals faster than ever before — coming soon to MetroRehab!

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Fast track your recovery with EksoNR
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Learning to walk again after injury or illness can be a daunting prospect. If you are living with a neurological condition such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, EksoNR could be perfect for you.

What is EksoNR?

EksoNR is an advanced robotic exoskeleton specifically designed to fast-track your mobility after illness or injury. Depending on your condition, EksoNR could help you learn to stand and walk.

Designed by Ekso Bionics — the world’s leading provider of exoskeleton technology, this game-changing device is used as part of our personalised therapy programs under the direction of trained physiotherapists.

Who can access EksoNR?

Our friendly team will work with you to determine if EksoNR is appropriate in your rehabilitation program. This will include an initial suitability assessment.

EksoNR is suitable for people who fit certain body shapes, ability to weight bear, and health requirements. Please read our FAQs below for further detail.

What are the benefits?

Walking Distance

Functional Balance

Gait Speed

Some exoskeletons are designed to be used as an assistive device and provide 100% of the power needed to walk. EksoNR is revolutionary in that it requires active participation designed to help re-teach the brain and muscles how to walk again.

Under the supervision of our Ekso-trained physiotherapists, the EksoNR could help you to:

EksoNR also offers dynamic real-time data. This feature helps your physiotherapist measure your progress and adjust your program to get closer to your goals.

Medical disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for individual medical advice provided by a medical doctor or qualified healthcare professional. We recommend you always consult with a medical doctor or healthcare professional for medical advice or information about treatment. Individual outcomes vary depending on circumstances.


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Success Stories

Client Success Story: Alex

Client Success Story: Manooshak

Client Success Story: Ken

Fees and Charges

There are several funding options for your EksoNR therapy including:

  • NDIS,
  • Workers compensation,
  • iCare,
  • most private health insurance schemes, or
  • self-funding.
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EksoNR can be accessed through Royal Rehab’s services including Royal Rehab Private, Community Rehabilitation Services and Brain and Spinal Injury Units, and is coming soon to MetroRehab Hospital.

Please feel free to contact us for a fee estimate on (02) 9809 9085.

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