What is Multiple Sclerosis? Your Common Questions Answered

What is Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an incredibly common condition affecting many people globally, yet many of us don’t quite understand the disease and the symptoms it can trigger. Despite how complicated it can seem, and how daunting a diagnosis can be, it’s important to understand how multiple sclerosis works and how it may affect us or a […]

Your Guide to the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Symptoms

Parkinson’s symptoms are sorted into two categories: motor (movement-related) and non-motor (non-movement related). The severity and nature of the symptoms vary for each person. Symptoms can be managed so those living with Parkinson’s disease are able to live their lives as normally as possible. This article outlines the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. For […]

Recognising the Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

Signs & Symptoms Of A Stroke

Would you be able to recognise if somebody were having a stroke? In 2020, over 27,000 Australians experienced a stroke for the first time, equal to one stroke occurring in Australia every 19 minutes. The quicker you act, and the faster you can attract medical attention, the higher the likelihood of recovery. This blog explains […]

Parkinson’s Management at MetroRehab Hospital

Parkinson’s Management at MetroRehab Hospital

Following a Parkinson’s diagnosis and upon admission to MetroRehab Hospital, your patients will be welcomed by our dedicated team of health professionals who are there to help and support your patients throughout their rehabilitation journey. Once at MetroRehab Hospital, each patient is individually assessed by a rehabilitation specialist and our expert team of allied health […]

Specialist Stroke Rehab gets 90 year old Teresa Home

Specialist Stroke Rehab gets 90-year-old Teresa Home

In March 2020, Teresa found herself unable to get out of bed. Her daughter Susan called an ambulance which took her to the acute care where she presented with dizziness, nausea and ataxia. The independent 90-year-old had experienced a right lateral medullary stroke. Teresa was later referred to MetroRehab Hospital where she remained for three months as an inpatient receiving […]

Frank Turns to MetroRehab for Expertise Following Stroke

Frank Turns to MetroRehab for Expertise Following Stroke

Frank is a proud husband, father, and grandfather. At 68 years old, he has also had a colourful career in film. Starting out as an actor in his 30s, Frank soon grew to become the Head Production Manager at Film Australia, where he was known to make up to thirty films all at once. Not […]

Joel gains independence in matter of weeks

Joel gains independence in matter of weeks

An active and busy man, Joel worked long days as a personal trainer and running his own health retreat business. All of this soon changed when Joel, aged 37, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent a surgery at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick. The tumour proved to be benign, however […]

Case Study: Functional and cognitive improvements ten years post stroke


  By Lara Fernandez, Stroke and Neurological Programs Manager Gary is a 57-year man who is now 10 years post-acute brain injury secondary to a vertebral aneurysm and subarachnoid haemorrhage. While Gary recovered physically, his main deficit was frontal lobe dysfunction and anterograde amnesia. His attention span was five minutes and he was unable to […]

Time no barrier to improvements from stroke rehab


Intensive rehabilitation is readily available for stroke survivors, those with brain injury and spinal cord injury in the first months after the event. However, many do not receive adequate rehabilitation in subsequent years – a period during which there can be complications and issues that can profoundly impact quality of life. These can include neurogenic […]

Rehab empowers new dad with strength after cancer

Rehab empowers new dad with strength after cancer

It was 2am on a Monday in late October 2018 when Brenton woke up with a start and what he describes as a very strange feeling. “I knew something wasn’t right – I felt a vagueness and a sharp pain running through my left arm. I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. I […]